Oardelskonkedei on May 15th

The Oardelskonkje is a new poetry form which has been created not long agi by poet Syds Wiersma, who drew the comparison that we are travellers on one and a half (oardel) leg (skonk). The verse has “one and a half leg/ oardel skonk” with two stanzas; the first with ten words, the second with five. The poet is free in all other aspects of the Oardelskonkje.

In late April RIXT invited everyone to work, play and write poetry with this new form. People did so and the resulting poems can be read in Frisian on RIXT’s first Day of the Oardelskonkjes. The twelve published Oardelskonkjes come from poets Elmar Kuiper, Gerrit de Vries, Carla van der Zwaag, Yva Hokwerda, Elly de Leeuw, Inne Bilker, Simen de Jong, Henk Veenstra, Ytsje Hettinga, Dirk Geerdink, Anne Heegstra en Ypie Bakker. 

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