Poetry collective RIXT is a broad platform of Frisian poets. We write and publish poems about current issues in and outside Fryslân. We show the vitality and relevance of Frisian poetry to a wide audience.

We are an open collective. Everyone who writes poetry in Frisian, in a Frisian regional or city language, or in any language used in Friesland, is invited to join us.

Our main goal is to bring Frisian poetry to the public’s attention. One way to do that is  through different kind of performances, each time with different poets, at locations where we think poetry should be heard. Additionally, we organise poetry events about topical subjects during the year and we are active on different social media. Each month one of our poets is ‘poet of the month’. She/he publishes at least two poems on our website, which are related to current events .

We especially invite young and beginning poets to join our collective. Our membership includes experienced poets who can guide and assist beginning poets.

As a platform we are involved in various projects regarding Frisian poetry. Anyone who is engaged in a project and is looking for poems or poets, can contact us. We love to assist and connect you with different kinds of poets.

Our ambition in the coming years is to promote Frisian poetry internationally . We believe Frisian poetry has the quality to be heard on stages outside our region.  We believe that international contacts and exchanges will invigorate the Frisian poetry scene.

Our motto is a quote from the poem Buenos Aires by the Frisian female poet Rixt (1887-1979):

Wa binn’ myn maten op dy wylde feart?
Wa binn’ mei my, dy’t wyn noch romte keart?

Who are going to be my shipmates on that tramp?
Who are with me, unafraid of wind and expanse?

From: De Gouden Rider (1952), p. 41