Ypie Bakker

I was born in 1966 as one half of a twin. On a farm along the Slachte sleeper dike near Lollum. As a child I liked to wander through the fields and I consumed many books. After I got married, we moved to the village of Achlum and had three children. For my children I came up with bed time stories and poems. These stories and poems remained in my head as I did not find the time to write them down. It’s only recently that I’ve begun writing short stories and poetry for people to read. The positive reactions have encouraged me to keep on writing. I’ve taken several writing and poetry courses and I’d like to concentrate on my poetry from hereon.



‘t Was on one of those misty spring mornings
when only the mooing of a cow
broke the sombre silence

A grey veil rose from the ditches
where the sun tried to break through the grey
the meadows changed from dark to light

Through this green glowing grand mosaic
the old Slachte dike meandered stately

Back, sunk in thoughts befogged
like mist on a spring morning
my childhood a handful of stories

Dreams evaporated and precipitated
like silver beads on holy ground
melted into the landscape.

 © Ypie Bakker
Translation: Trevor M. Scarse

Ypie Bakker reads her own poem ‘Teraand’ in the original Frisian language.