RIXT is an open poet pack for poets who write poetry in Frisian, a regional or city Frisian language or another language in Fryslân.

Do you want to join the poet pack RIXT as participating poet? You can!

Which benefits do you have as participating poet of RIXT?

  • Part of a strong poet pack in Fryslân;
  • Writing actual and active poetry;
  • A poet profile on the Frisian and English website of RIXT;
  • Possibility to be poet of the month;
  • Publication on rixt.frl;
  • Your work recieves editing and correction before publication;
  • Possibility for exchange and guidance as poet with for example Waailân;
  • Publicity of your performances and publications in nijs/news;
  • Opportunities to participate in poetry projects of/with RIXT;
  • Opportunities for poetry performances;
  • Opportunities for international performances.

How can you join RIXT?

As novice poet/ poet without publications:

  1. Let your interest be known with RIXT
  2. Submit a poem with the editorial board of RIXT. If they approve the poem and the poem has been corrected, you will be published as guest poet on the RIXT website.
  3. After three published poems, you can ask to join RIXT as participating poet.

Bear in mind that the editorial board can reject your work for publication. The editorial board will share the reason(s) for this and in this way, will support you to improve the poem. If the same poem has been rejected twice, it is excluded for publication at RIXT.

As poet who has published work:

Do you want to join RIXT and have you published work at an established publisher?
You can send an e-mail and ask to join the poet pack RIXT as participating poet.

Bear in mind when you submit a poem for the RIXT website that we have an editorial board which guarantees the quality level. The editorial board has the right to refuse work as well as administer corrections.

The members of our editorial board are: Henk Nijp, Simon Oosting, Ina Schroders-Zeeders

You are not a participating poet, but you do want to publish a poem on the RIXT website? You may submit the poem as guest poet. All poems go through the editorial board.

Do you want more information or do you have any questions? You can always send us an e-mail.