RIXT is an open poets’ collective.

Everyone who writes poetry in Frisian, in a Frisian regional or city language, or in any language used in Friesland, is invited to join us.

When you join RIXT
– you take part in deciding the running and direction of the collective
– you may submit (topical) poems to the website at any time
– you may be asked to be the Poet of the Month (you may decline the offer)
– you will receive invitations to participate in the activities and projects RIXT is involved in
– you will receive a personal page on our website where you can find your submitted poems

When you submit a poem, keep in mind that the editorial board is in charge of maintaining the quality of the published works on the website. The editorial board may turn down your work or request corrections.

You can sign up by emailing us at:
ynfo@rixt.frl; post@rixt.frl