May 2021

Edwin de Groot was the RIXT poet of the  month May 2021. You can read his original Frisian poems of that month here. The translation of one of them – ‘Tariff and exchange rate’ – is published here.

Photo: Edwin de Groot
 Tariff and exchange rate
 cholera, messenger of misery
 struck one down when so fated
 even a child that bit the dust
 there’s always some sin to be found
 a new foundation can simply break
 as it sets and now we’re due for the collection 
 each covid month just as cruel
 today’s shepherd on slippery shoes
 says it’s safer than eating hot dogs
 a jab is child’s play, wards off ruin
 sprightly and elated once more on a school trip
 bringing tasty sandwiches with young cheese and confession

© Edwin de Groot
Translation: Trevor Scarse

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