Jetze de Vries

Jetze de Vries lives in Harlingen. He writes poetry, short stories and plays. He also works as an agogic counselor. His poems in Frisian and Dutch have been published since 2009. In 2010 and 2011 he won a Rely Jorritsma literary encouragement prize for poetry. In 2012 he wrote De Fisk (The Fish), a musical theater piece, and in 2013 a poetic radio play entitled Frou (Woman) . Since 2009 he has been a poet on various stages and festivals, including the festivals Explore the North and Welcome to the Village.

Submitted poems
Tabula Rasa
The Vulnerables

Tabula rasa

The wind
it’s the relaxation
which brings
whats’ there
the nothing
the whole
of exitence
smell the woods
and the woods
are within you
feel the waves
and the sea
swims along
with you
how a bird
flies by
a feather
from its
her journey
and leaves

© Jetze de Vries
Tabula Rasa/Skjin Laai, p...(Tresoar, 2018)
Translation: Trevor Scarse