First Frisian publication Waailân

Ilse Vos, Jolanda Gooiker, Simon Oosting at Kaap Hoorn. Picture: Geart Tigchelaar

From 11 to 13 of September,  poets from the main land and poets from the island wandered on the island Skylge/Terschelling. They did so in five groups, four of them in good hands of an island poet. That Saturday evening, the poets performed together and presented their results of Waailân to the public.

The performace of Ilse Vos, Simon Oosting and  Jolanda Gooiker has been made into an online presentation. RIXT will publish more of these in the coming weeks.  Below you can listen to the first contribution, in Frisian/Dutch.

Film edited by Geart Tigchelaar
Audio edited by Ilse Vos

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