Marije Roorda

Marije Roorda (1948) was a member of the cabaret group Samar, has worked in special needs education and on a charter sailboat later on. She attended writing courses about prose and poetry. She has published her work in anthologies and magazines and received a Rely Jorritsma prize twice for a poem. Her debut volume of poetry In spantou om ’e tiid was published in 2017 with poems engaging with land- and waterscapes. She likes to collaborate with other artists. She combines her poetry with their work and exhibits the results.

Submitted poems
A tie rope around time



If what you are hinting at is true,
I return on my hour to where
I come from, you secretly bring me to
my soul’s ground; to dwelling mounds

where shards tell me I embraced you
fiercely and where my fire is hidden
between embers still smouldering
as long as we have our eye upon another.

Tempus, you’re moving too fast for my like,
again you escape from my tie rope which
wants to restrict your movement for only one tick.

You don’t walk into the trap I set and I leave you be,
on your hour I set foot into tomorrow and
you give me a hand for the descend.

© Marije Roorda
In spantou om ’e tiid (Gerben Rypma Stifting, 2017)
Translation: Maaike van Prooijen-Grondsma