Line of Rink

From the 1st to till the 7th of august, the Poet Pack RIXT will stay on the Skriuwersarke, the Writer’s Ark, of late author Rink van der Velde. The 50 poets won’t all come at once, but every day a different pair of poets will visit to work on a stanza which will form a poem in these seven days.

As all activities have been low-key because of the corona crisis, the pack wants to slowly meet again in the right circumstances. And what’s a better place for this as the Ark, or a better activity to work together on a collective poem.

In August,  Cornelis van der Wal is the Dichter fan de moanne, the Poet of the Month. He will write the first stanza, upon which the group will build from Saturday onwards. De ‘Rigel fan Rink‘/ the ‘Line of Rink’ which Van der Wall with start with is:

‘De mar nimt de bui net.’

‘The lake doesn’t take the storm’

This line is from the novel De nacht fan Belse madam/ The night of madam Belse (1991) and gives direction and tone to the poem as well as the week.

The growth of the poem can be followed from home, as Omrop Fryslân will call with the poets on the Ark every day. This will be at 15:40 h. during the week and at 17:40 h. in the weekend.

To conclude the week, the poem will be read in full in the former hangout of Van der Velde, pub Marktzicht in Drachten, on the evening of the 8th of August.

picture: Geart Tigchelaar

The Skriuwersarke of Rink van der Velde, who passed away in 2001, is held by It Fryske Gea and Stifting FLMD. The Poet Pack will be provided with drinks and food by the Poiesz Boarnburgum.

What: Rigel fan Rink/Line of Rink,
Poet Pack RIXT at the Skriuwersarke/ Writer’s Ark
Where: De Skriuwersarke, De Feanhoop
When : 1-7 August at the Ark.

Entry:  All visits to the Ark are by appointment because of the corona regulations. Also be aware that Marktzicht will have limited place for the same reasons.
Please contact RIXT for questions or to visit the Ark .


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