André Looijenga

“Using the means of the incongruence of neoromantic/impressionistic ‘pretty’ words and allusions gathered by chance from the analytical deconstruction of language tools and the sensory reality, A.R. Looijenga (born in 1982) goes in search of an unaccustomed metaphysics between the lines.” Or something like that. As prose generates sentences like these I’ve gone for poetry. An art form from conviction, not because of some longing for my childhood have I chosen Frisian. A love that is not always answered by the language itself.

I have joined ‘Rixt’ to lead our motherland to Parnassus. And because everything down here is run-down and will eventually break. Philologist, teacher, translator, polyglot, editor of Ensafh, seated traveller. Winner of a Rely Jorritsma prize in 2017.