Pieteke de Boer

Pieteke de Boer was born and raised in Kimswert. She ended up living in Wommels with a stop in Arum in between. “I like to have poetry pop up in unexpected places: short poems on a fence (fence language), in ditches, or on windows.” In 2016 Pieteke won a Rely Jorritsma prize.

There are many poets in Fryslân and I’m one of them. I love to have our poetry and thoughts presented on the website of RIXT.

Poems of Pieteke were published in:
Oer it wetter op ’e weagen fan muzyk en poëzij (2010)
It grutte foarlêsboek (2013)
Ver Heen. Woorden gaan op reis (2017)


Submitted poems
Between sock and silk shirt


Between sock and silk shirt

In the early morning
words fall heavily
when nobody comes
to kiss them awake

I gather them from the ground
peg them to the line
between sock and silk shirt
even when the skies close

They’re only simple words
you say and pull
rain and thunder
from the skies

Then you laugh out loud
and turn on the light
I knew it
could be great

Afternoon comes
and brings me more
than solely hours
and an evening

When night falls
I will write verse
in your silver
and the moon flatters me
© Pieteke de Boer
Ensafh nr 5, 2018
Translation: Robyn Steensma

Pieteke de Boer reads het own poem ‘Tusken sok en siden himd’ in the original Frisian language.