Jan Kleefstra

Jan Kleefstra has published several Frisian and Dutch collections by De Friese Pers and publishing house Aspekt. Additionally, he and his brother Romke have been busy for more than ten years releasing music and film with Frisian titles and Frisian poetry through several international collaborations. These have been released worldwide, and they have performed them (inter)nationally. Additionally, Jan and Romke have been involved in various international projects which centre around the deterioration of life in economically exploited environments. This often forms the theme of his minimalistic and subdued poetry as well.

For much more, go to his website: https://romkekleefstra.blogspot.nl

Submitted poems
When there’s no sun
After falling
Meanwhile the moon


When there’s no sun I dare
to crush to death a fragile word

now that it’s dark
and summer
and two handfuls of wind

every other day the light’s frozen

and if I don’t make it to the sea
I will sing slowly
sow the filthy light over the fields

© Jan Kleefstra
Translation: Vivien D. Glass