Hinke Veenstra

Hinke Veenstra was born in Garyp in 1958. She has lived in Drachten since 1993. Sound, colour and form play a prominent part in her life. You can find these themes not only in her poetry and photography but in her paintings as well. The work of Hinke is centred around her search for the meaning ‘behind the things’. Several of her poems have been put to music that you can find on YouTube.


Her work expresses the intuitive, naïve and pure viewing and experience of the world. Her photography puts daily life front and centre, but often gives the viewer an uncommon point of view. Her debut collection of poetry Lang om let, with poetry and photographs, was published in 2015. In her daily blogs she shares her everyday life with her followers. Recently she has added live videos of spontaneous conversations with passers-by. The meeting forms the centre of her existence. In the meantime, Hinke has plans for a second collection of poetry.

For more information on her work and background, you are welcome to come to her virtual home www.hinkeveenstra.com