Christa Niklewicz

Christa Niklewicz (1974, Jistrum) lives in the village of Ryptsjerk and writes poetry, music and texts in Dutch, Frisian and English. She tries to describe the contradictions that occur within our thinking and feeling in an optimistic way. For example, the balance between the bitter and soft side of lost loves. Or the goal and the irrationality of buying things.

“It’s kind of reflective of the bocage landscape of the Wâlden region… All those rows of trees are full of contradictions. They are simultaneously simple, limiting and closed, but amazing as well in their perpetual opening up onto new plots of fertile land with deeply rooted trees. You can see all the space surrounding you while the wind and other elements fill this space at the same time. It is both full and empty. It is wonderful to include that in the undercurrent of poems.”

In her performances – singing as well – she likes to engage in topical themes.

On fire

Dancing like flames
You and me on fire
My heart completely
Convinced in rhythm

I met you part way in our world
I was so mad about you
Unleashed from myself
Yet in the course of time
Smothered and silenced

© Christa Niklewicz
Translation: Trevor M. Scarse