Rein de Lange

Rein de Lange (Sneek, 1969) lives in the Frisian village of Zurich and writes stories and poems. He has published one volume of poetry titled: 1969. Oan de hân fan myn heit. He lived in Workum for the first two years of his life and then moved to Bolsward. He joined the Royal Dutch Navy when he was seventeen and sailed the world seas for a long time. Afterwards he trained as a history teacher and studied Arts & Cultural Sciences. Currently he works as a policy advisor and does research on various topics relating to the shipping trade of the 19th century.

Submitted poems
Winter flight


Winter flight

when I said: I’m leaving and the image
of your face froze slowly on my retina
that’s when my frigid flight began

into the crunching starry night
where my bags waited near the depot and
I was all right, snow white raging all around

off the train out of the winter, I wheezed
still cold but I had left you behind forever
there on that chilly platform

© Rein de Lange
Translation: Trevor Scarse


Rein de Lange reads his poem ‘Winterflecht’ in the originam Frisian version: