December 2020

Yva Hokwerda was the RIXT poet of the  month December 2020. You can read her  original Frisian poems of that month here. The translation of one of them – ‘Introvert days of Christmas (by the old radio)’ – is published here below.

ZonderTitel © Gerben de Vries


Introvert days of Christmas (by the old radio)

Turn your keyboard upside down, come on, strangle that mouse
Push all the tables against the walls, throw your chairs out of the house.
Let loose all the backbiters, drive every troll back into the thickets,
Dance with yourself at unforgiven hours, stretch your weak calves the thickest.

Drive the Sugar Berg up the wall, hear his angry bellow
Write his logarithmic outcome one by one to zero
Hang your prettiest festoons across that meaningless LCD relic
Free your inner child while belting out and with a firm dropkick.

Jump to the right, to the left, up and down and yell
Your home office is no longer your prison cell!
In the morning, in the evening, on bulletproof coffee, all that talk
You somehow thought your mind spoke out rightly. Not to be a broken clock.

Let the net dry, spin your wool with yarn and glow towards fiction
Whisper the tone seeking escape; wonder, from strange graphic expression
Raise your hands towards the farthest suns at night, gather your own from unframed light
Aquiver streams past you what may strike, your sensation is what Earth supplied.

© Yva Hokwerda
Trans. Trevor M. Scarse

November 2020

Jan Kleefstra was the RIXT poet of the  month November 2020. You can read his  original Frisian poems of that month here. The translation of one of them – ‘On windless days larks don’t bring me to tears’ – is published here below.

Foto: Jan Kleefstra
On windless days larks don’t bring me to tears

not even with the sad confession that the sun
now only rises in shuttered eyes

how long will wings carry the body
through finely meshed rain like before

dragging heavy at times shrill tones across the world

as a boy I sought beneath the same heavens
starved for a meadow bird

casting farther than ever
a kind-hearted light
out ahead of the rain

© Jan Kleefstra
Translation: Trevor M. Scarse

October 2020

Anne Heegstra was the RIXT poet of the  month October 2020. You can read her original Frisian poems of that month here. The translation of one of them – ‘Headamskampen’ – is published here.

Photo: Anne Heegstra

in the prickly cold
practically on thin ice
he skated purposely

assured, as he knew
of canal and ditch
crack and furrow

he gave his hankering
ample room to breathe 
yet glided restrainedly

as his skates led him
past the Eleven Lakes
and as many cities

reeds and seams rustled
mirrored in cadence
of blades sliding across the ice

until the dusk forsook
the hours of the day
and embraced the evening

behind closed gate
the broken daylight leaves
the polder in dreams

© Anne Heegstra
Translation: Trevor M. Scarse

Poetry evening De Utmolken Toer live-streamed on RIXT

The final evening of De Utmolken Toer (The Milked Tour), the poetry tour of RIXT poets Elmar Kuiper and Geart Tigchelaar, will be live-streamed on Saturday 24th of October from De Bres, Ljouwert/Leeuwarden.

Now that the safety regulations has put a hold on large audiences, the poets decided to bring their poetry evening to the public online. The livestream will be organised by creative bureau Hatogkrøller and can be followed on the Youtube channel of Frisian literary magazine Ensafh., the Facebook page of Frisian Poet Pack RIXTand the Facebook page of Ensafh.

Besides performances of Kuiper and Tigchelaar, RIXT poets Cornelis van der Wal and Syds Wiersma will also read their poetry. The music band of Kuiper, Tigers fan Greonterp will perform as well and the evening will be moderated by author, editor and publisher Piter Boersma.

De Utmolken Toer with Geart Tigchelaar and Elmar Kuiper. Picture: Ydwine Scarse

Elmar Kuiper (1969) writes poetry, short proze and theatre. In 2004 he made his debut with Hertbyt. Wite Molke, Swarte Mûle is his ninth volume. His poetry has been nominated for literary prizes and has been translated in several languages.

Geart Tigchelaar (1987) has won the D.A. Tammingapriis for his debut, leech hert yn nij jek (2017). Ommers is his first volume with proze poetry. Prepublications have been bosted on the Instagram-account @om.mers.

What: livestream poetry evening De Utmolken Toer

Where: Youtubechannel Ensafh, Facebook Frysk Dichterskollektyf RIXT or Facebook Ensafh

When: 24th of Ocober, 19:30 H

You can order the poetry volumes  and other items online at útjouwerij Hispel