RIXT on the Ark

This summer, RIXT will stay at the Writer’s Ark near the village of De Feanhoop. This is the second time the Ark was made available to RIXT by the FLMD. From 24 to 30 July poets of the RIXT collective will be able to work on poetry together along with poets Sigrid Kingma and Arjan Hut and singer Bruno Rummler. The purpose of the week is to work on a poem, translation or song lyric for a performance later this year.

The poets of RIXT who are participating, are: DerGjitr, Anne Heegstra, Ypie Bakker, Janna van der Meer, Tsjisse Hettema and Carla van der Zwaag. They will present the results of these meetings at a poetry evening that RIXT will organize in the autumn. Hut, Kingma and Rummler will perform there as well.

The Writer's Ark of Rink van der Velde

Last year, we stayed at the Writer’s Ark as well, where a group of RIXT poets wrote a ‘relay poem’. That week was called ‘The Line of Rink’ as a line from the works of the poet Rink van der Velde was used as the starting line of the relay poem. The first stanza was written by then Poet of the Month Cornelis van der Wal and on each subsequent day a new stanza was added, written in pairs. You can find a report of the week in photographs here. The relay poem ‘The Storm’ can be read here.

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