First edition of It Literêr Sirkwy poetry evenings on October 9 in cafe Marktzicht in Drachten

Frisian Poet Collective RIXT is bringing It Literêr Sirkwy (The Literary Circuit) back with a new series of literary evenings in 2021-2022. Poetry and music are the fixed ingredients, as is an open mike after the break. Saturday evening 9 October is the kick-off with the first Literary Circuit in café Marktzicht in Drachten.

The first evening will open with the various RIXT poets who participated in RIXT on the Ark at the end of July. Thus, the title of the evening: Ark in sight. In the Writers’ Ark on the Veenhoop, RIXT poets collaborated with poets Sigrid Kingma and Arjan Hut and musician Bruno Rummler. The poetry and music that they produced will be presented in café Marktzicht.

Before the break, there will be performances by the poets Arjan Hut, Sigrid Kingma, Edwin de Groot, Syds Wiersma, Carla van der Zwaag and Janna van der Meer. The last two poets will be accompanied by Bruno Rummler.

The evening will also pay tribute to the poetry of Tsjisse Hettema, who wanted to participate in RIXT on the Ark but passed away suddenly in the week before the project would take place. Hettema’s fourth collection of poems Hewwy dát will soon be published posthumously by the publisher Frysk en Frij. Poems from that volume will be read at Marktzicht.

After the break, there will be an open stage and Bruno Rummler will perform solo material. Anyone who wants to perform poetry (their own or by someone else) during the open mike stage is very welcome. Please register beforehand at: The evening in Drachten will be hosted by Edwin de Groot.

The Literary Circuit was first organised in 2005 and has been a steady stage for writers, poets and musicians for ten years. In those years it was an initiative of It Skriuwersboun. The baton has now been passed on to the poet collective RIXT and it will organise a number of literary evenings in various places in Fryslân. This new series is made possible by the Province of Fryslân.

Date: October 9, 2021
Place: Drachten, café Marktzicht, Aldewei 14
Time: 20.00 - 22.00 hours
Admission: free
Welcome to the afterparty too! 
Please take into account the applicable corona measures

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